Please make sure you have your logo in high quality with transparent background in .png, .ai, .eps, .psd, .svg format.

You will get your logo animation videos in 12-24 hours.

We will match the video effects and animations to match your brand/logo colors. We will do it without any additional charge.

Simple to say it’s a tagline/slogan/web address or any additional text that will be placed under the logo in the animation. This option is only applicable in Standard and Premium Pack.

Yes! We also do CUSTOM ANIMATION totally based on your logo. Pls, contact us for discuss more on messenger.

Sure, we can add any image in the background. We also can replace music with your provided music. Please, contact us and we will send a custom offer.

We will deliver your videos through a file-sharing link like google drive, dropbox, we transfer,  or via mail.

Pls, be noted, Revision can not be considered as a version of videos. Revision is not applicable to changing the logo or adding/deleting/modifying overlay text. It is only applicable for modifying the size, font, position, color correction, etc.